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Nano-PixelTM Holography

Using pixels smaller than light to enable real
holographic display in the smallest form factors.

AR Glasses Requirements

Effective, Attractive, Comfortable AR glasses require both Holography and a Nano-Pixel
HXR is the only technology able to meet all the design goals for next generation AR glasses
Requirements Goal Nano-Pixel Required Holography Required Goal Met with HXR Technology
FOV Largest Field of View
Eyebox Largest Eyebox
Size Smallest Form Factor
Weight Lightest
No Waveguide High Efficiency and Low Weight
Prescription Lens Compatible No need to order/make special prescription lenses
Programmable Focal Distance Focus as the eyes do in real life
Brightness Viewable in Bright Conditions
Contrast High Contrast
Battery Life All Day Use
No VAC Easy on the Eyes

Large FOVs Require a Nano-Pixel & Holography

Swave Photonics - Nano-Pixel Holography
In Holography, the smaller the pixel, the greater the diffraction angle and the wider the resulting Field of View.
Holographic approach not practical for pixel sizes above 500nm: requires waveguide

HXR has the world’s smallest pixels

Large FOVs Require a Nano-Pixel & Holography
Swave Nano-Pixels are
>300x smaller than DLP and
>170x smaller than LCoS
The only Nano-Pixel.
The only pixel small enough to steer light and enable true holography.