Bringing the metaverse to life.


Created with the metaverse in mind.

Swave’s HXR microchip technology is the Holy Grail of the metaverse, delivering life-like, high-resolution 3D images that are viewable with the naked eye, with no compromises.

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See it with your own eyes.

The demand for eXtended Reality (XR) technology that enhances or replaces our view of the world is exploding with the rapid emergence of the metaverse, a 3D world where participants can interact with people, objects and places.

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Your new superpower.

Leveraging advances in photonics and holography based on diffractive optics, Swave’s HXR microchip products are mass-producible, cost-effective and reliable that are designed for ultra-high-end holographic display applications and ultra-light-weight wearable devices.

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To be lifelike, it’s possible.

Our mission is to bring the metaverse to life and enable display manufacturers and content creators to disrupt the visualization market with immersive, ultra-high-resolution, lifelike, true holographic displays.

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Be part of the experience that will forever change the way we see and experience the world. We’re an eclectic and passionate team making us indistinguishable from the real world. The project is the boss—even for our CEO. Exceed your potential. Find your next job.

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