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Swave Photonics Welcomes Dr Andrzej Kaczorowski as Digital Holography Fellow

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Holographic Pioneer Joins Spatial Computing and Immersive Display Innovator

Leuven, Belgium & Silicon Valley, CA Sept 13, 2023 — Swave Photonics today announced the appointment of Dr Andrzej Kaczorowski as Digital Holography Fellow. Andrzej brings a wealth of research and commercial experience in Computer-Generated Holography, Augmented Reality and Computer Graphics. He has been recognized by the industry for his technological prowess, transforming innovative ideas into market-ready prototypes.

Leveraging his interdisciplinary scientific background, Andrzej holds a PhD and MRes in Photonic Systems Development from the University of Cambridge, complemented by a BSc (with Honors) in Physics and Computer Science from King’s College London.

Having co-founded VividQ, a pioneer in the 3D holographic displays arena, Andrzej’s reputation in the industry is undisputed. His prolific contributions, which include over 15 publications and patents, as well as his regular appearances at prestigious industry forums such as SPIE AR|VR|MR and SID EuroDisplay, demonstrate his dedication to both technological advancement and academic impact. He has a passion to both innovate and educate with engaging talks at events such as Norwich Love Light Festival and TEDx Warsaw.

“I am thrilled to be joining the Swave Photonics team on this exciting mission. We approach an era where data transmission, computing power, and other technologies have advanced sufficiently to support 3D Holographic Displays. Swave provides a key element of this puzzle – Holographic eXtended Reality (HXR) gigapixel chips.” says Andrzej Kaczorowski, Digital Holography Fellow at Swave Photonics. “My commitment has always been to turn cutting-edge ideas into working products, and we now have the opportunity to do so at Swave Photonics. Imagine a future in which 3D visualizations are real and life-like, where a medical professor can show students a real, beating 3D heart, where we can talk to our relatives who live thousands of kilometers away as if they were in the same room. All of those possibilities will be unlocked by true 3D Holographic Displays!”

Theo Marescaux, Swave’s Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, said “Dr. Andrzej Kaczorowski’s addition to our Swave family signifies a harmonious fusion of brilliant minds and cutting-edge technology. At Swave, we have always been committed to breathing life into unprecedented technologies, merging realms like physics, photonics, chip design, and computer-generated holography. With Andrzej’s expertise, we are now even better poised to turn our vision of natural-looking immersive 3D images into an awe-inspiring reality. His alignment with our product-focused approach is a testament to Swave’s dedication to innovation. Together, we are not just envisioning, but actively sculpting the future of spatial computing. I couldn’t be more excited to have Andrzej as an instrumental part of our transformative journey.”

“We are thrilled and honored to have Andrzej join Swave”, said Mike Noonen, Swave Photonics’ CEO. “As a recognized 3D holographic display expert and pioneer, Andrzej will help us accelerate the introduction of our breakthrough HXR solutions. His successful multidisciplinary experience and energizing creativity make him an ideal addition to the Swave team.”

About Swave HXR Technology

Swave’s Holographic eXtended Reality (HXRtechnology is the Holy Grail of displays, delivering lifelike, high-resolution 3D images indistinguishable from reality. Swave’s HXR technology projects lifelike holographic images that eliminate today’s AR/VR/XR challenges of focal depth and eye tracking, so viewers can easily focus on nearby and faraway objects. Most importantly, the HXR chips are manufactured using standard CMOS technology, which enables cost-effective scaling.

Swave technology can also power holographic headsets that deliver immersive 3D AR/VR/XR experiences with stunning high resolution, perfect depth of focus and 180-degree to 360-degree viewing angles, all without the headaches experienced by users of conventional headsets. Applications powered by HXR gigapixel technology will be capable of passing the visual Turing test in which virtual reality is practically indistinguishable from real-world images that humans see with their own eyes.

Swave is expanding its management and engineering teams and hiring in key areas. Visit to learn more about career opportunities.

About Swave

Swave Photonics is a fabless semiconductor company that designs, and markets holographic chips based on proprietary diffractive photonics technology and phase change materials. Swave’s technology was developed over 10 years at imec, the world-leading nano-electronic research and innovation center. Swave’s mission is to bring spatial computing to life and enable display manufacturers and content creators to disrupt the visualization market with immersive, ultra-high-resolution, lifelike, true holographic displays. Swave enables a world where holographic displays give everyone the power to visualize the impossible, collaborate and accomplish more.