This page lists the available options for contacting the team behind swave for support and everything else.

Mailing List

In most cases the friendly swave mailing list is probably the best place for your needs with regard to support, feedback and general discussion. Asking here is preferable to the gitter channel, because the list archives remain searchable for other users with similar questions even in the future. Also, a mailing list post gives you more space to lay out your thoughts, include code snippets and follow the discussions that are relevant to you in a by-thread manner.

Your first post after signup is going to be moderated (for spam protection), but we’ll immediately give you full posting privileges if your message doesn’t unmask you as a spammer.

Gitter Channel

For quick one-off questions you can also turn to the swave gitter channel. Keep in mind though that all discussions here are not really archived and therefore not properly searchable for others. Also gitter doesn’t support by-thread conversations and is therefore harder to follow once volume increases.

Therefore we’d like to ask you to use the mailing list for all topics that likely involve a longer discussion.


If you follow us on twitter we’ll keep you informed about new developments as well as general news around swave.


If you feel that the mailing list is not appropriate for your request, you can also mail us under

info (at) swave (dot) io

Commercial Support

If you would like to inquire about commercial support options please send us an email detailing the nature of your project, the time frame and all other information that you think might be important to us.