Talks on swave

The currently best talk on swave is >>> swave - Reactive Streams in Scala <<< from ScalaDays 2016 @ Berlin.

It nicely introduces the key ideas and concepts and gives a good overview over the project. While quite a few things have evolved since this talk was given there is only one important change to be aware of:
The type called swave.core.Stream[T] in the talk is now called swave.core.Spout[T].

All talks in reverse chronological order

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“swave - Reactive Streams in Scala” presented at 2016 (Oct 2016)
Slides: /talks/2016/
“swave - Reactive Streams in Scala” presented at ScalaDays 2016 @ Berlin (Jun 2016)
Slides: /talks/2016/scaladays/index.html
“swave - A Preview” presented at SCALAR 2016 (Apr 2016)
Slides: /talks/2016/scalar/index.html